10 New Features in Mac OS X Lion Comments Off

Mac OS X Lion is Apple’s latest step toward desktop perfection. Let’s have a look at ten of the most useful new features in the latest Mac operating system.

- Airdrop lets Mac users share files directly using a wi-fi connection.

- Auto-correction on the Mac now behaves like it does on the iPhone, offering integrated spellcheck.

- Autosave saves your documents periodically, ensuring you’ll never lose progress.

- FaceTime now comes included, offering video calling for every Mac user.

- Launchpad Read the rest of this entry »

Migrating From Windows to Mac: A guide Comments Off

For many computer users, transitioning from a Windows to Mac device can be tricky. Many people take it for granted that they will get to use a Windows machine for the majority of their life, but Mac computer are very popular and many businesses specifically opt to use them instead of Windows. In many instances, you may end up choosing voluntarily to simply upgrade your old Windows computer to an iMac desktop or MacBook pro, and it can seem overwhelming when you are migrating, especially if you have no prior experience using Read the rest of this entry »

How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life Comments Off

It’s official: We can’t live without our iPhones. We’ve all tried at least once and it just doesn’t work. It’s the same feeling if you lose your keys or forget your wallet. It almost feels like you forgot to wear pants, and that’s why it is so bad when our batteries die. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to keep your battery going strong all day.

The first easy step is to turn off automatic brightness. The screen accounts Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone 5: Latest News and Rumors Comments Off

Ever since Apple first released the original iPhone, millions of people across the planet have fallen in love with this innovative smartphone. The latest model of iPhone, the iPhone 5, has created a buzz among phone users and technology lovers alike. There are constant rumors and news about what this new iPhone will offer to customers. Many people are curious about what updates have been made and what features have been added. Apple boasts that this phone is Read the rest of this entry »

Macbook Thunderbolt Technology: What Is It? Comments Off

There have been many changes in the peripheral side of things in the computing world. Lots of formats have come and went in the last decade such as three revisions of the USB standard and the FireWire standard. Apple and Intel decided to up the ante and develop a new format that would shatter the glass ceiling again. And they-ve done it with a new format called Thunderbolt which was ushered in with Apple-s latest laptops and Imacs that were released earlier this summer.

Is Thunderbolt everything that it- Read the rest of this entry »

Must Have Applications For Every iPhone Owner Comments Off

As an Apple junkie, and an Iphone owner, there are certain apps you are going to want to download to your phone, in order to get the full range and functionality from it as possible. So, when you are viewing the available apps to purchase from the Iphone store, choosing the right apps, which every Iphone user wants to download, is going to really allow you to get the best features and use from your phone. Of course it depends on what you want to use the apps for, Read the rest of this entry »

Apple TV: Synching Your iTunes Media Comments Off

The Apple TV is the newest must have in the PC to TV systems by synching your Itunes media so you can to enjoy it from your HDTV and home theater system. If you install the Apple TV correctly, Itunes will automatically upload any new media you download directly to Apple TV.

To sync your Itunes Media to your Apple TV is really a simple and fast process. If you know how to sync your Ipod with Itunes then you should have no problem at all with this, as Read the rest of this entry »

iPad 2: A Review of Apple’s Latest Tablet Comments Off

I’ve been a big fan of the tablet since it first came out, so naturally when the iPad 2 was released I was one of the first to try it. The first thing I noticed was that the tablet is much thinner than the previous models. This is pretty amazing it itself because the last model was only 1/2 inch thick. The new model is just under .34-inches, making it incredibly light and easy to carry. I was worried that the Read the rest of this entry »